About Spokane

Here’s the thing about Spokane. It has everything you expect a city in the Northwest to have.

Killer restaurants and venues. A diverse nightlife. Breathtaking nature. Imagine all of that
packed into a historic downtown where everything is within walking distance of your hotel.

Spokane has been a western boomtown, a vital railroad hub, the cultural center of a
fascinating region, and the smallest city to ever host a world’s fair. Each phase of our growth left rich layers of history, culture, and pride. Today’s Spokanites have used those as the foundation for what’s next: a place where warmth, pride, and kindness collide with ambition, creativity, and community. You’ll come to Spokane and it will feel familiar, but you’ll leave having discovered things you never expected to find because we’re not quite like anywhere else.


  • How much is the total cumulative hotel tax? 12.1%
  • How much is the F&B tax? 7%
  • How much is the average F&B gratuity? 21%


  • How many miles from the airport to downtown? 8miles 12 min
  • Is there public transportation, such as a bus or subway available?
  • How much does the public transportation cost? $4
  • What is the shuttle bus fare from the airport to downtown?
    $12 airport shuttle
  • What is the taxi fare from airport to downtown? Uber & lyft $14 
  • How many daily flights in and out of airport? 60
  • Is the airport a hub for any carrier? No
  • What are the major carriers serving airport?
    Southwest, American, United, Suncountry, Frontier, Allegiant


  • How many committable hotel rooms downtown on peak night? 3,300
  • How many committable hotel rooms downtown on peak within walking distance to convention center? 3,300
  • How many headquarter hotel properties? 2
  • How many rooms available on peak night at the largest headquarter property? 


  • How many total gross square feet of exhibit space at Convention Center? 120,000
  • How much of this exhibit space is contiguous? 120,000
  • How many total gross square feet of meeting space is available at the Convention center? 300,000
  • How many meeting rooms does the convention center have? 30
  • How big is the largest meeting room? 25,276
  • How many ballrooms does the convention center have? 3
  • How big is the largest ballroom? 25,276
  • When was the last renovation or expansion? Expansion 2015 & Renovation
  • When is a future renovation/expansion scheduled? No, ongoing for soft goods
  • Is there free Wi-Fi at the convention center? Yes, 3G wireless throughout the center. Higher speed may be purchased.
  • Is there an exclusive in-house Electrical provider? We have our in-house provider.
  • Is there an exclusive in-house AV provider? In House
  • Is there an exclusive in-house decorator? No, but can provide companies.
  • Is there an exclusive in house caterer? Levy
  • Is the convention center a union property? Nonunion


  • How many off site venues within walking distance can host up to 2,000 people? The Podium, US Pavilion, Riverfront.
  • How many off site venues within a ten-minute bus transfer can host up to 2,000 people? Arbor Crest and Flight Foundation
  • How many restaurants are within walking distance of the convention center? 120
  • Can you list 3-5 local attractions and their whereabouts? Riverfront Park Downtown , Numerica Skyride Downtown, Looff Carrousel,NW Museum of Arts & Culture Downtown, Flight Foundation 10 min drive